In a galaxy far away (Part 1)



This year’s expedition to Elbrus was expected to be a big challenge for us since it was the first expedition that was organized exclusively by us. For the first time we faced so many different kinds of problems that you will never meet when you travel with a tourist/expedition agency like booking tickets, finding transportation, accommodation, planning the route on the mountain and all the rest of small details.

Despite the difficulties, Kostas, Marousa, Antonis, Dimitris and I decided to go on our first self-organised high mountain expedition during that summer. While we were still at Greece, we discovered that Russia wasn’t that easy to travel as many bureaucratic procedures existed like visas, hotel registration, vouchers and more.

Friday 1/8/08 Athens – Moscow

Antonis and I were flying from Athens to Moscow as the rest had already left one day earlier for Moscow via Latvia. During our flight we noticed that during our stay in Russia we would face communication problems as few people talked English Continue reading