Deep dream or how Google’s Neural Networks think

Computer Neural networks, inspired by the way our human brain works, are models that try to compute  and estimate things just by having a big number of inputs. Like human brains the more feedback and input they are given the more they are learning of the environment and the better their prediction. They are given only an initial statement and then they try to program themselves. These networks are being used today for image recognition, voice recognition

Google has decided to release the code for their neural networks, named “Deep Dream” and here they explain how it basically works. After you run the code you can understand why it is called that way. The following is a quote from the notes inside google’s code which I must say it is 100% true

Be careful running the above code, it can bring you into very strange realms!


Here are some examples after applying deep dreaming to some of my photos

One of my cats

Theth in Albania

Gull in Reykjavik

Concert Hall in Reykjavik

Monument in Reykjavik

Geyser in Iceland

Icelandic sheep

Next thing to try is deep dreaming in some videos

Canon 6D with Samsung S4 as external monitor

I received from amazon the mount for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the arm so that I can attach them to my Canon 6D and have an external monitor for videos.

The things that I bought:

1. DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Flash Camera Mount
2. Generic 7″ Inch Friction Articulating 1/4″ Hot Shot Connector Arm
3. Micro USB Host Cable Male to USB – less than
4. DSLR Controller from Google Play Store –

You can mount the smartphone hot shoe directly on the camera and you can turn it sideways, but the friction arm gives you total control over the angles that you can shoot and place the monitor. I liked the smartphone mount’s rubberised grip and you can fit any phone not bigger than 5”.

The DSLR Controller app for Android gives you so much better control over Canon’s app plus an intervalometer (I wonder when is Canon going to add this feature)

Next step is to find a cheap and reliable dslr cage and mount all these, together with the external microphone, so that the camera won’t have to support all this weight

Suzuko’s dreams are collapsing

Cats are weird animals. You may have set the perfect (trap) environment and the camera in order for her to do her trick but she never performs it in front of you as if she knows she is being taped. This is my first attempt to record her at 50 frames/sec without a tripod and with low light. I was so unprepared that I just grabbed the camera when I saw her inside the bag that the 50 fps setting was left there by previous attempts. The shutter speed wasn’t enough so that no wrapping will appear in the video