Format a PS4 hard drive for Windows

Recently I upgraded the hard drive of my PS4 to 2TB and was left with the a spare 500GB drive. Sony is using a customized FreeBSD file system for their consoles so there is almost no way to read its contents (and I say almost because a hacking group some claimed access to their file system). So I decided to reformat the spare drive for Windows use

The truth is that when you plugin the hard drive to Windows, Windows don’t automatically “see” the drive because it is not formatted under a file system that Windows can recognize and assign a drive letter for it.

If you run disk management (Run diskmgmt.msc) you can see the following


Windows can see the disk with the 15 partitions in it. You have to delete all partitions and then format it under NTFS (or fat32).

So right click on each partition and then choose Delete Volume

Delete Volume

After you do that for all 15 partitions then you can then right click once more and choose New Simple Volume

New Simple Volume

The wizard starts and all you have to do is press Next to all questions.


After that Windows can see the disk and you can use it as a normal disk

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