Deep dream or how Google’s Neural Networks think

Computer Neural networks, inspired by the way our human brain works, are models that try to compute  and estimate things just by having a big number of inputs. Like human brains the more feedback and input they are given the more they are learning of the environment and the better their prediction. They are given only an initial statement and then they try to program themselves. These networks are being used today for image recognition, voice recognition

Google has decided to release the code for their neural networks, named “Deep Dream” and here they explain how it basically works. After you run the code you can understand why it is called that way. The following is a quote from the notes inside google’s code which I must say it is 100% true

Be careful running the above code, it can bring you into very strange realms!


Here are some examples after applying deep dreaming to some of my photos

One of my cats

Theth in Albania

Gull in Reykjavik

Concert Hall in Reykjavik

Monument in Reykjavik

Geyser in Iceland

Icelandic sheep

Next thing to try is deep dreaming in some videos

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