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mogsub:genius or retard
“illustrious billionaire goes bankrupt fater being bled by young russian wife”

Mogsub (a.k.a. -edited by staff) started off his career as an obscure system engineer in Greece where he worked in a private company. Although his salary at that point was quite satisfying he had greater aspirations. To enhance his income he initially designed and sold various websites, domain names and web hosting but it wasn’t long before he got fed up with languishing over his pc waiting for his paychecks from google to arrive and decided to turn over a new leaf. ‘No more mr nice guy’ he exclaimed and devoted his efforts in designing hardcore porn websites for minors. This idea preposterous as it may sound turned out to be a most profitable (though morally objectionable) occupation.

Being a hot- headed proponent of capitalism he subsequently decided to invest his incomes in lucrative multinational corporations worldwide accumulating little by little a substantial fortune. Everything seemed to be going quite well for mogsub until one day his beloved wife of 20 years abandoned him after failing to have a proper erection for the last 5 years. Mogsub didn’t loose his spirit and in order to get back at her he divorced her, excluded her once and for all from his assets and implemented his alternative plan B.

After spending endless hours in the internet he came upon an 18 year old russian girl who -according to rumors- bore a striking resemblance to Milla Jovovitch. Mogsub and Svetlana Xemounofskaya got married soon afterwards but the marriage – rumour has it – was never successfully consumated due to his penis malfunction. Svetlana after a prolonged period of celibacy decided to get rid of the impotent old man and decided to take legal action. After hiring mogsub’s ex wife as a lawyer they bled him for every last penny.

Despondent and alone mogsub is now experiencing one of the hardest times of his life and decided to seek refuge in his guitar- another long forgotten talent he was endowed with. His sensitive and gloomy melodies attracted the attention of a recording company MSEN that once he and his band had rejected. Could it be there is a ray of hope for him after all?

cover story by Rita
mogsub: … yes you made it!

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  1. DUDE!! You’ve got some serious BALLS to place this in your site!! hahaha!! I honestly wish things will not turn out this way!! ; )

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