My Sound Projector live at TZAZ, Athens

On Sunday 26th Nov, we performed live at TZAZ a place in Kifisia. The bad omens appeared early when we arrived at the time told to soundcheck, only to discover that nothing of the instruments were placed and the PAs not interconnected. After many hours, with the staff of the organizing company trying to fix the PAs we were told that we might not be able to use the microphones because they didn’t know how to interconnect them! Of course that meant that we wouldn’t play because it wasn’t our attention to play with half the band on stage.


After two more hours trying to fix the situation and with the last band not wanting to stop playing (their age gives them away, but I hope that they will be more typical in their next lives), we finally got on stage!

I can say that because of the whole situation, I enjoyed much this live because we were not anxious at all. Even though our drummer was playing with no monitors, we performed our songs quite good. Even when the club’s owner almost came on stage to tell us that we must play quiter, like we are DJs and we will put the volume down (my guitar’s volume pot was at 2/8 and my amps at 1-2/10), we didn’t stop playing well. We even played louder!

To sum up I would like to say a big bravo to alterground for their amateurism in organising live events and a big thank you to the owner of TZAZ club for giving us the oppurtunity to try ourselves performing under these crappy conditions. Alterground seems to be a company that wants to do lives with 3-4 bands playing at the same day at venues, where each band brings 20-30 people and the venue is filled. Only in Greece it is possible to have a live club and have no sound insulation!

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