Live at Underworld, Athens


1. Sleepy Meadow
2. Heathrow
3. Ode to Obe

As it always happens, what we were hearing at the sound check was completely different from what we heard on stage. At least the sound was good from our crowd’s impression. These two photos are from our sound check.

PICT0168 IMG_0049

The night started with “Sleepy Meadow”, a song with a heavy introduction, that later calms in psychedelic rhythms. We decided to play this song first because we wanted to start our first ever gig with a lot of power and potential and show also that we are going to play something a lot different than the rest of the bands. Especially we wanted to entertain some people that have given us the characteristic of “retroists”!


We continued with “Heathrow (A Song About Departures)”, which many of our fans consider our best song.

We concluded with “Ode to Obe”, in order to close our gig like we started it! With power! Till next time!

Us performing noise during “Ode to Obe”

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